The Top Three Dirty Dogs Are…

The Top Three Dirty Dogs Are… Andrea Powell By Andrea Powell ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 and Wahl held the seventh annual Dirty Dogs contest to find the best shelter dog makeover. Ten dogs were chosen and the public was asked to vote for which dog they thought transformed the most. While all the dogs are winners, the […]

Hip-Hop Legend Jermaine Dupri Wants You to Go Vegan

Music producer Jermaine Dupri did a lot to earn his place in the hip-hop and R&B pantheons. As the co-producer of classic albums such as Mariah Carey’s Daydream and TLC’s CrazySexyCool and the talent scout who introduced popular artists like Kris Kross and Da Brat, he’s truly a living legend. One of his greatest discoveries, […]

Animals Scalded to Death Inside High-Powered Cage Washers

There’s no end to the ways in which experimenters mutilate and torment animals—including by disemboweling them—in laboratories. But some of the most appalling suffering occurs as a result of sheer negligence—namely, leaving animals in cages to be scalded to death and torn apart when they’re sent through high-powered automated cage washers. That’s right—the same experimenters […]