Heartbreaking News! Beached Whale Found Dead In The Philippines Had Ingested Almost 90 Pounds of Plastic Garbage

Photo by D’Bone Collector Museum Inc. A heartbreaking scene that is becoming all too common as another dead whale has washed up on shore as a result of human ignorance and the impact we have left behind, this time in Mabini, Philippines. On Saturday, Marine biologist Darrell Blatchley received a call regarding an emaciated-looking young whale […]

UPDATE: Another Captive Calf Born to April the Giraffe

Update: April the giraffe was again recorded as she gave birth at Animal Adventure Park, an unaccredited roadside zoo in upstate New York. Her male calf was born on the afternoon of Saturday, March 16, according to reports. April the giraffe has given birth again https://t.co/kwIuol6nPz pic.twitter.com/yiDGIZz5rf — CNN (@CNN) March 16, 2019 This wasn’t […]

Cops Bring Newest Recruits To Hospital With “Important Mission” For Sick Kids.

Cops Bring Newest Recruits To Hospital With “Important Mission” For Sick Kids. InspireMore By InspireMore Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle This story originally appeared at InspireMore. Hospitals aren’t the most exciting places for chronically ill children. But young patients in Randwick, Australia, recently had a blast thanks to their furry visitors. In February, the NSW Police Force welcomed […]

Robert Ferrante: From Torturing Mice to Murdering His Wife

Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, the “Boston Strangler” (Albert DeSalvo), and the “Son of Sam” killer (David Berkowitz) all tortured animals before committing equally horrifying, violent crimes against humans. This pattern is so prevalent that in 2016, the FBI started tracking acts of cruelty against animals, as it does other violent felonies. So it wasn’t all […]