Beef Farmer Saves His Cows Instead Of Killing Them

Beef Farmer Saves His Cows Instead Of Killing Them Andrea Powell By Andrea Powell Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle Jay Wilde took over the family beef farm in Ashbourne, Derbyshire after his father passed away. He grew up on the farm and helped raise and care for the cows. Although the farm had always been used to farm […]

Hamster With Tiny Cast Receives Best Get Well Gift

“The tiny wheelchair was an utter surprise,” James said. “It’s made of paper, so it’s more functional as a ‘get well soon’ card than an actual tiny wheelchair!” After posting about the wheelchair on Twitter, James realized just how special of a gift it was for little Kirk, who would surely use it if he […]

Coca Cola Drops Sponsorship Deal Of Iditarod Race

According to longtime musher Zoya DeNure, this type of selective killing is standard throughout the industry when dogs are too sick, too injured or too old to run. “The dogs have no legal protection here,” DeNure told The Dodo last March. “People can go out into the woods and shoot their dog for whatever reason. […]

Weather Service Issues ‘Small Dog Warning’

There has been a lot of strange weather going on around the country lately. Bouts of extreme cold, lots of rain in places it doesn’t usually rain and the list goes on. With all of this extreme weather sometimes comes weird weather advisories — and one weather service recently issued an unusual warning regarding people’s […]

Artist Upcycles Tires into Pet Beds

Artist Upcycles Tires into Pet Beds Elizabeth Nelson By Elizabeth Nelson Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle Creatively reusing old materials is a great way to help save the environment from excess waste and solve another problem at the same time. One artist is using his upcycling skills to give homeless animals a cozy and personalized bed, all while […]