Zimbabwe president abandons Davos trip amid unrest

Image copyright Reuters Image caption President Mnangagwa travelled to Europe to try to drum up investment for Zimbabwe Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has broken off a trip to Europe after violent protests in his home country. Mr Mnangagwa had been due to attend the Davos economic summit where he was expected to seek investment for […]

Why your replacement heart could be made in space one day

Image copyright Gettyimages Image caption The International Space Station could become a factory for specialist materials Imagine a laboratory growing human hearts – and imagine that laboratory floating in space hundreds of miles above the surface of the Earth. That may sound like science fiction, but bizarre as it seems, it could bring new hope […]

France summons Italian envoy over Africa remarks

Image copyright EPA Image caption Luigi di Maio accused France of fuelling migration by damaging the economies of African states France has summoned Italy’s ambassador after the Italian deputy prime minister accused the French of exploiting Africa and fuelling migration. On Sunday, Luigi di Maio called on the European Union to impose sanctions on France […]

Davos 2019: ‘I’m the boss, he’s the spouse’

Image copyright Alex Rumford/Mastercard Image caption Ann Cairns is a rarity: a female senior executive of a global company When Ann Cairns’ husband was introduced to Joe Biden at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, the former US vice president assumed that he was the executive he was meant to be meeting. But Mrs […]