Play Carcassonne, Pandemic, And Other Board Games On Switch

Don’t get bored with your Switch, get some boardgames. Asmodee Digital is bringing several popular tabletop games over to Nintendo newest console, including Carcassonne, The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, and Pandemic. But that’s just the first round of adaptations. Nintendo also plans to help bring the uber popular Catan and Munchkin series […]

Replay – Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Many of you are playing a great Spider-Man game right now. Why not take a break from that web-swinging action to check out a bad one? In this week’s Replay, we dive deep into Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, a 2008 Activision title that showed Peter Parker in his prime, who was having issues with Mary […]

A Hat In Time DLC Is Free For 36 Hours On PC

A few weeks ago, developers Gears for Breakfast announced new DLC for A Hat in Time, the plucky 3D platformer meant to channel what people loved about N64-era games in the genre. They promised the DLC would be free for the first day and paid after that and have made good on their promise with […]