Super Replay – God Hand Episode 7: Asura’s Wrath Episode 2

After a festive holiday season, Game Informer’s annual 12.31 Super Replay usually brings suffering. In years past, this day has kicked off complete playthroughs of stinkers like Overblood, Overblood 2, Blue Stinger, Illbleed, Raw Danger, Martian Gothic: Unification, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Vampire Hunter D. Figuring out which game will be honored with this spot […]

VR Game Apex Construct Gets Sales Boost From People Mistaking It For Apex Legends

In a bizarre yet bountiful case of mistaken identity, developer Fast Travel games revealed that its VR title Apex Construct has received a big boost in sales…because people keep mistaking it for the popular battle royale Apex Legends. Yikes. Fast Travel’s communications manager Andreas Juliusson took to the Construct’s subreddit to talk about the situation. Juliussion implies the studio is amused […]

Where’s Our Crackdown 3 Review?

Crackdown 3 is out tomorrow, and reviews are starting to hit online. Ours won’t be among them, however, since I haven’t had the opportunity to play the game’s Wrecking Zone multiplayer on live servers. That’s not to say I haven’t formed an opinion on what I have played of the campaign mode. First, the good news: […]

Hasbro Announces Overwatch Ultimates Toy Line

Following up on its tease earlier this week, Hasbro has announced a line of Overwatch-themed action figures, unveiling the first line featuring nine characters who aren’t Roadhog. The trailer of the line is short and sweet except for not including Roadhog, giving each of the figures in the line a quick once-over. The characters in […]