Where’s Our Soulcalibur VI Review?

The review embargo for Soulcalibur VI is up, but without seeing its online infrastructure on live servers, I’m not ready to give my final verdict on the game just yet.  However, my impressions from the hours I’ve played so far are pretty positive. After spending quite a bit of time fighting in both single-player and training mode on PS4, […]

Sega May Be Hinting That Sonic Colors Is Coming To PC

There was a period after the disastrous Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 that Sega was desperate to get the blue speedster back on track. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors were part of that rehabilitation effort, though neither game saw releases on PC or anything beyond their initial platforms. While Sonic Unleashed has been slowly undergoing a […]

Discord Store And Game Library Go Into Beta Today

Chat-app Discord has launched their first major step in becoming a gaming marketplace today with the beta release of the Discord store, concurrently with Discord’s revamped Nitro subscription service.  Simply named the Discord Store, the app now provides Discord’s 150 million users the ability to buy PC games from the store, leveraging its massive userbase […]