Our Healthiest One-Pot Recipes | Kitchn

There’s a lot to love about one-pot dinners — namely, how quick and easy they are to prepare and clean up. But one-pot meals also have a reputation for being a little … indulgent (I’m looking at you, creamy chicken skillet with bacon and cheese). These 10 recipes are packed with healthy ingredients like vegetables, […]

Roti vegetable lasagna, Rotimatic recipes

Roti lasagna, made from scratch, with atta/ wheat flour rotis, used as base instead of lasagna sheets. Turns out soft and delicious with goodness of vegetables, spinach and cheese. Rotimatic rotis are saviour for me these days, be it for dinner or lunch. Though I cook rice everyday for lunch to serve my family, at […]

July Favorites – Cookies and Cups

Another July in the books! How could this possibly be true? The summer is in its final hurrah, and I’m ready for it! August is my BIRTHDAY month so bring it on! This month I’ve been focused on vacation plans. We have a big one that we’re on right now…an Alaskan cruise and I can […]

5 Things to Know About Freezer Burn

Have you ever opened up your freezer to find that your once red beef is looking a little brown? Or taken a pint of ice cream out only to discover the top is covered in ice crystals? Freezer burn happens to the best of us. Here’s what you should know. 1. Freezer burn is safe […]

Best Summer Comfort Foods | Kitchn

More often than not, summer recipes mean no-cook meals, crunchy salads, and other dishes that deserve the label refreshing. That’s all well and good, but after a long, hard day at work, sometimes you need to tuck into something a little more comforting. These are the times when it’s OK to turn on the oven […]

Best Jarred Pasta Sauce | Kitchn

Several years ago, I decided that I’d start the lengthy process of becoming an Italian citizen. Several years later, I sat in an aggressively hard chair at the Consulate General in Philadelphia, waiting patiently while a woman whose English was better than my Italian (and my English) thumbed through the stack of birth, death, and […]

Best Vegetarian Recipes to Make on the Grill

Firing up the grill doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick to the traditional meat-filled spread. There are plenty of veggies and vegetarian dishes that are made better by some time over the open flame. These 18 vegetarian BBQ dishes will have you convinced that burgers might not always be the answer when it comes to […]

Corn Chowder (Slow Cooker & Instant Pot)

Thick and creamy Corn Chowder with crispy bacon, chicken, potatoes, cheddar and mozzarella! Slow Cooker OR Instant Pot! Our Corn Chowder has so much flavour they’ll be going back for seconds or thirds. Now this is a family favourite! The recipe includes methods for a Slow Cooker or Instant Pot and is now on VIDEO! Best Corn […]

Ikea Best Groceries | Kitchn

It’s no surprise those bags of frozen meatballs are a top seller at IKEA’s U.S. stores. But the bright-blue tubes of Kalles Kaviar smoked fish roe spread? No way. Who buys those? Turns out, lots of people. In fact, they’re the most popular of all IKEA’s seafood products. And those bland-looking cylinders of dry crispbread? […]