How To Be Notified About Costco Recalls

Here’s a scenario: you’re on your couch relaxing, watching the 6 o’clock news after a long, busy day. Then you hear local anchors alerting viewers to a thing every shopper dreads: a product recall. In this instance, a recent shipment of a popular extra-cheddar snack food contains an extra-bad ingredient. (It’s salmonella.) Anyone who bought […]

Chicken and Spinach Crepe Rolls

I’m discovering how much easier it is to make homemade crepes when there is a yummy filling inside. They last so much longer when it comes to my hungry family, therefore I don’t have to spend nearly as much time at the stove making them! We’ve had crepes with a sweet filling for dessert many times […]

Best Wine Saver Pump Stopper

Wine isn’t something my husband and I save for weekends or special occasions. We actually enjoy it most nights of the week — casually, though! Just a glass with dinner to toast to the day. (It’s a habit I developed from my days in Italy and really do enjoy the ritual.) This means that once […]

Corn dosai, makka chola dosai

Corn dosai made with dried corn, rice and urad dal as ingredients. Just three ingredients for making this delicious dosai. I have been told to try this recipe a couple of years back by my BIL, but somehow I missed the recipe or I was confused with lots of doubts. Again last week my friend […]

Easy Dijon Maple Sheet Pan Chicken

This Easy Dijon Maple Sheet Pan Chicken Recipe with Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash is the ultimate fall chicken recipe! Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner Recipes are such a great weeknight option! This Dijon Maple Sheet Pan Chicken is packed with so much flavor! I have gotten into sheet pan dinner recipes the last few years in […]

Easy Meal Prep Plan for Skillet Dinners

Prepping weeknight meals that all come together in your favorite cooking vessel is just about the easiest way to set yourself up for success. The tool at hand here is a trusty skillet — aka the king of the stovetop — which makes quick work of complete meals with barely any fuss. You’ll use your […]

These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Are So Punny

It’s only a couple weeks until Halloween, which means you need to decide on your costume pretty soon. While spooky costumes are the norm, it’s the punny ones that really impress me. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our new favorite food-themed punny costumes that take minimal work to make. 1. Sandwich Artist A […]