Deep-Pocketed Performance Denim : Radian Jeans

Radian Jeans Regulate Your Temperature and More The Radian Jeans have been positioned as a garment option for women who are looking for a more functional solution to wear on the regular that has their lifestyle in mind. Coming in two style options including skinny and straight, the jeans feature temperature regulation technology that will […]

Vegan-Friendly Collagen Moisturizers : Genius Sleeping Collagen

Algenist’s Genius Sleeping Collagen Nourishes Skin Overnight Algenist has introduced a range of innovative skincare products that spotlight vegan collagen derived from plants.and its newest product takes the form of the Genius Sleeping Collagen, a deeply replenishing, nourishing overnight treatment. The Genius Sleeping Collagen is designed to be used overnight, a time when the body […]

Floral-Printed Satin Sneakers : Classic Leather

Opening Ceremony & Reebok Join to Rework the ‘Classic Leather’ Model Opening Ceremony works in collaboration with sportswear label Reebok to introduce a new iteration of the signature ‘Classic Leather’ sneaker. The new iteration boasts the same foundational structure, with changes in the material and pattern design throughout the uppers. The re-imagined version is complete […]

Hands-Free Hair Coloring Guides : Hair Coloring Guide

The Clairol Color Expert Provides Assistance Via Google Home Coty launched an at-home hair coloring guide for the Google Assistant on Google Home smart speakers and smartphones dubbed the ‘Clairol Color Expert.’ With this new voice-activated guide, consumers are able to enjoy a hands-free experience sharing guidance on everything from selecting a hair color to […]

Analog Film-Inspired Skatewear : Collaboration with Kodak

Girl Skateboards Embarks on Another Collaboration with Kodak Girl Skateboards’ Winter 2018 line is done in collaboration with Kodak. This is not the first partnership between the two companies, testifying that there is merit to be found in analog film. Whether that be because of its ultra-nostalgic connotation or its retro-chic aesthetic, Kodak still finds […]

Magnesium-Centric Skincare : topical products

Mageze’s Topical Products Provide Relief for Muscle Aches & Pains Mageze, a magnesium-based topical product range, offers a variety of solutions in the form of soaps, sprays and creams to relieve muscle strains, aches and pains. To better communicate its offerings to consumers, Mageze worked with Date of Birth to develop bold new branding and […]

Heel-Cradling Bouncy Runners : Ultra boost 19

adidas Introduces the New Support-Centric Ultra Boost 19 Sneakers adidas officially unveiled a look at the newest Ultra Boost 19 sneakers — it is the latest iteration of the label’s signature running silhouette. To create the newest model, adidas channeled developers, designers, and runners from all over the world to ensure that it boasts elements […]

How to Watch the Golden Globes

Gone are the days when anyone solely tuned in to their favorite shows by cozying up in front of the TV. Whether you binge ‘em all from your laptop with a service like Hulu or Netflix or stream on your phone for on-the-go entertainment, you watch television on your schedule — and the Golden Globes […]

Powdered Waterless Haircare : Future of Hair care

OWA Haircare is Introducing “the Future of Haircare” A growing number of brands within the world of beauty and personal care are committing to developing waterless products that boast innovative formulas and help to preserve a precious resource—OWA Haircare is preparing to introduce consumers to “the future of haircare” with its waterless, powdered products. While […]