Hydrating Copper Skincare : Moisture Mask

Neova’s Copper Moisture Mask Improves Skin’s Overall Texture The Neova Copper Moisture Mask is a product that works to improve skin’s appearance by eliminating dryness and dullness. The product is enriched with copper peptides which work to help boost collagen production while repairing damaged cells. In addition to moisturizing dry skin that is affected by […]

Swiss Guard don 3D-printed plastic helmets

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Swiss Guard were founded in 1509 and act as the Pope’s personal bodyguard unit The Vatican’s Swiss Guard have swapped their ancient metal helmets for ones made by 3D printer. The papal protection force donned their new, thermoplastic helmets on Tuesday, the unit’s 513th birthday. Unveiled last year, […]

Former assistant coach Emanuel “Book” Richardson pleads guilty to felony count of federal funds bribery

Former Arizona assistant coach Emanuel “Book” Richardson pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one felony count of federal funds bribery, becoming the second former coach to accept a plea deal with federal prosecutors in their case involving college basketball corruption. Richardson, who was accused of accepting $20,000 in bribes to steer Arizona players to certain managers […]

V.A. Wait Times Now Shorter Than for Private Doctors

Wait times for an appointment at Veterans Affairs hospitals have decreased since 2014 and are now, on average, shorter than those in the private sector, a new study shows. Researchers used V.A. data to calculate wait times for about 17 million appointments. The public sector data came from a survey conducted by a physicians’ search […]

Dog Saves Child From Freezing To Death

Dog Saves Child From Freezing To Death Andrea Powell By Andrea Powell Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle In the winter of 2017, a dog came to the rescue of a Russian toddler that was cruelly left outside by his mother in sub-zero temperatures. Temperatures can dip down to -50C in Russia and it is dangerous for any animal […]