Voice-Controlled Smart Mirrors : HiMirror Mini

HiMirror Announced the Launch of the HiMirror Mini at CES 2019

Two-time CES Innovations Award winner HiMirror is returning to the Consumer Electronics Show this year to announce the launch of its innovative HiMirror Mini.

Over the past few years, HiMirror has introduced its portfolio of interactive smart mirrors, capable of providing personalized readings based on ever-changing conditions like the quality of one’s skin and the local weather. The newest launch happening at CES 2019 introduces the HiMirror Mini, which boasts LED lights that can be adjusted to one’s desired level of warmth and brightness, and an entertainment center compatible with social media, Spotify and Amazon Alexa. With Google Assistant conversation actions, users will also be able to execute voice commands to pull data for skin, body and hydration reports and personalized skincare tips.

The versatile HiMirror Mini also acts as “My Beauty Box,” a virtual collection of skincare products to track efficacy and a guide to which products to avoid in the case of ingredient sensitivity or allergies.

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