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This is a demonstration of blockchain technology that can be incorporated into Park Won-soon’s vision for the future of Seoul. There is literally a demonstration of “S-Coin(Seoul Coin)”.

Please see this article for more information.

ICON x Seoul Metropolitan Government x Mayor Park Won-soon

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is one of the strongest public proponents of blockchain in South Korea, and has mentioned the idea of Seoul Coin (S-Coin), to be used within administrations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. S-Coin was initially suggested by ICON Council Member KJ Eee in 2016 to the Seoul Government, and ICONLOOP is currently in active talks with the government to further develop S-coin which will be utilize loopchain technology.

If you believe that the source is unreliable, you can view the article that mentions S-Coin here:

Or Korean version here:

To say that ICON does not have partnerships is simply ignorant; many in the ICON community would argue that there are too many partnership announcements and not enough technical announcements, but that’s another story.

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