Complimentary Clothing Rentals : Ba&sh

Ba&sh’s New NYC Store Lets Shoppers Borrow Clothing for the Weekend

Ba&sh, a French fashion label that offers styles that it describes as “effortlessly Parisian,” recently opened an experiential store in New York City that doubles as a “dream closet” for shoppers. As well as being able to purchase the label’s chic apparel from the store, consumers can also take advantage of a unique—and completely complimentary—clothing rental service that lets them borrow clothing pieces for the weekend.

In the same way that a consumer might borrow an article of clothing from a friend, this Ba&sh store lets customers borrow clothes at no cost every Friday between 5-7PM, so long as the products are returned by Monday at 7PM.

As well as encouraging consumers to get familiar with its brand in this way, Ba&sh will be hosting events like monthly supper clubs that encourage guests to bring a friend.

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