We should take a step back, put things into perspective and remember why we are here : CryptoCurrency

In a time when bears control the market while everyone expected 2018 to bring new highs, I think it’s time to shine some optimism around here. I ran into this article and I want to share my 2 cents:


This article presents a really optimistic scenario of different tokens in different domains (BAT, OMG, EOS, LOCI, ICX, etc.).

Who thought last year that BTC might reach 20k$ from 1.2k$? Or ETH from 7$ to 1400$? The crypto valuation took us by surprise almost on an yearly basis.

I’ve been a trader for a year and a half now, I had my losses, but all in all I managed to make some profits. Even though I’m not one of the “veterans”, I’ve seen the following questions for 1000 times: “is this the right time to buy? I think I did not get in time”. The volatility of this market can’t give you the right time to get in. You can be really lucky (your initial investment never goes negative) or, on the contrary, you could be one of the guys who invested in December 2017 – January 2018. It doesn’t matter how much research you do regarding the “right time” to make your investment: TA, forums, pump & dump groups, crypto vloggers, etc. I have friends who got in crypto during the ETH bullrun last summer in 2017 and during the immediate crash, they panicked and sold at a loss. You all know what happened in January 2018 – ETH reached ATH.

IMO, the current market situation is normal. After the bullrun in 2017-2018 winter and because of the media all over the world people expected to make fortunes over the night. The market doesn’t work this way. If you are ready to make an investment it means that if you lose, it won’t change your lifestyle so instead of selling at a loss, stick with it and wait for better times.

Getting back to the article, I’m glad there is still some optimism spread around here. We need to remember “the good times” so we can continue to hodl / accumulate / trade. The most important lesson is that this market is here to stay despite ETFs, governments and so on.

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